Prosper Tannery, established since 1944, is Thailand’s leading manufacturer for finished leather. Over the past decade, with continuous improvement in cow leather production quality, we have expanded our market share in both Thailand and Asia Pacific by supplying variety of leather for shoes, handbags, cushions, leather sofa, automotive seats, etc. The raw materials were finely selected from local and abroad suppliers as well the machinery used for production of our leather.

Our mission in conducting business is to ensure the highest customer satisfaction via continuous:

Research and Development
Prompt Delivery Service
Simplified Billing Process
Standard Pricing
Standard Claims Process
Improvement Planning with Chemical Experts
Customization in accordance with Customer Specification

At Prosper Tannery, We offer a wide range of leather i.e. furniture upholstery leather, Automotive upholstery leather, Shoe leather, leather for handbag, etc. with various prints.

The sample of the leather is available upon your request